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The Unionist Association Le Rocheton - Rue de la Forêt  - 77000 La Rochette (France) is a member of the national Alliance of the UCJG - 5, place de Vénétie - 75013 Paris. It is officialy recognised as a non-profit organisation, a French branch of the YMCA (present in 125 countries worldwide). The UCJG-YMCA works to create a fair world with more solidarity. Through our holiday centres and package holidays themes , we seek to favorise the access to holidays and encourage personal development.

As a member of the National Alliance of UCJG, we are listed in the National Tourism Register under the reference IM075100375. The guarantor is the Société Generale, 29 bd Haussmann 75009 Paris. Professional liability insurance: Axa France IARD 26 rue Drouot 75009 Paris.

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